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Subsea Pipeline

Connector Specialist

Titan Subsea Innovations, LLC is a Houston-based subsea pipeline connector company that provides unique engineered solutions for new construction, repairs, tie-ins, abandonments, and re-routes. In conjunction with engineered solutions, Titan Subsea Innovations, provides offshore technical support for product installations. Titan offers quick turnaround deliveries to clients using stock components which are essential for performing emergency pipeline repairs. The seasoned professionals at Titan Subsea Innovations have extensive experience and share that expertise with clients worldwide.


Titan’s product offering includes swivel ring flanges, misalignment ball connectors, mechanical end connectors, piggable wyes, subsea mechanical hot tap fittings, leak repair clamps, and project-specific solutions to meet our clients’ needs. We invite you to experience the professionalism, knowledge, and dedication of Titan Subsea Innovations, LLC.

  • Swivel Ring Flange

    The swivel ring flanges adjust for bolt hole misalignment in the field via rotational adjustment of the bolt hole pattern on the flange ring relative to the spool piece.
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  • Titan Mechanical End Connector

    The Titan Mechanical Connector is utilized to accomplish pipeline repairs, and to assist with other Subsea projects such as reroutes and abandonments which require the insertion of a flanged tie-in point into an existing pipeline system.
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  • Titan Misalignment Flange

    The Titan Misalignment Flange provides ease of makeup to an industry standard flange face where rotational and angular misalignment induces complications. These features significantly reduce installation time by easing the assembly process and removes stresses that would otherwise be induced by forced rotation and articulation of the spool piece during makeup.
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  • IntegriTee™ Tap Fitting

    The Titan IntegriTee™ Tap Fitting is a split, mechanical hot tap fitting which provides the means to hot tap existing subsea pipelines without having to shut down the pipeline. The Titan IntegriTee™ Tap Fitting provides permanent sealing integrity and adds structural reinforcement for the design life of the pipeline.
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  • Piggable Wyes

    Titan Subsea Innovations Piggable Wye is a “Y” shaped pipeline fitting designed to facilitate the pigging and cleaning of lateral subsea pipeline systems which tie-in to major transmission lines. The wye is a flow combiner for subsea pipeline tie-ins with two inlets which flow out the single exhaust end of the wye.
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  • Leak Repair Clamp

    Titan Subsea Innovations Leak Repair Clamps are split sleeve fittings designed to encapsulate a localized pinhole or crack type leak in the pipeline by permanently sealing off the damaged area.
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  • Diverless Mechanical Connector (DMC)

    The Titan Diverless Mechanical Connector (DMC) attaches to a pipeline in water depths or conditions beyond the capacity of diver intervention. The DMC is operated by a remote operated vehicle (ROV) via a hydraulic interface panel attached to the connector.
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  • Diverless Repair Clamp (DRC)

    Titan Subsea Innovations Diverless Leak Repair Clamps (DRC) are split sleeve mechanical fittings designed to encapsulate a localized pinhole, dents, weld cracks or other local damage in water depths or conditions beyond the capacity of diver intervention. Diverless clamps are operated by a remote operated vehicle (ROV).
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  • Diverless Pipe Recovery Tool (PRT)

    Titan’s Diverless Mechanical Connector (DMC) can be configured as part of a pipe recovery tool. Whether the need is to extract an abandoned pipeline, recover a pipe string that has been disconnected during pipe lay, or any other number of possible scenarios...
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