About Us

Titan Subsea Innovations, LLC is a Houston-based subsea pipeline connector company that provides unique engineered solutions for new construction, repairs, tie-ins, abandonments, and re-routes. The Company’s seasoned professionals have extensive experience and share that expertise with clients worldwide. Throughout their careers, the leaders of Titan have always provided top quality products designed for long-term operational integrity. Under the astute leadership of this exceptional management group, Titan Subsea Innovations establishes itself as a customer-driven company dedicated to providing innovative and cost-effective products and services for the subsea pipeline industry

Andrew Webster

Andrew has 12 years experience in the oil & gas industry, with a direct focus on the Subsea pipeline connector business. Throughout his career he has been involved in business development, business to business sales, international market development, and implementing successful marketing strategies. He served as International Sales Manager for Quality Connector Systems, LLC, one of the leading providers of Subsea connector products and services.

Kabir Mohammed, P.E.

Kabir has 15 years experience in the design and analysis of subsea components for the oil & gas industry.  Throughout his career he has managed inventory pipeline components for shallow water applications, developed deep water pipeline repair products, and emergency repair systems, he has worked as a senior project engineer for original equipment manufacturers and as a technical consultant from his own engineering firm.  His technical expertise is in the application of finite element analysis methods in the design of the pressure vessels.

Titan joined the ANSYS Startup Program which provides finite element analysis software to be used in product design analysis.

Rush A. Selden

Rush represented pipeline companies until 1995, when he joined HydroTech Systems (now Oil States HydroTech), as a shareholder, General Counsel and Vice President. After selling HydroTech Rush co-founded Plugging Specialists International, where he was an owner and business manager, later President of the US subsidiary, through its sale to TD Williamson. Rush was General Counsel and member of the Board of Quality Connector Systems (now Oil States QCS) through its sale to Oil States International. Rush has assisted or started several pipeline service companies both onshore and offshore. With his background with the most prominent subsea pipeline connector companies, Rush helped found Titan Subsea Innovations, whose goal is to provide the highest quality fittings based on the trusted designs of HydroTech and Quality Connector Systems, with improved service and lower cost.

Lee Avery,  VP of Business Development

Lee has over 40 years of sales and management experience in the subsea pipeline industry. He served as President of Big Inch Marine Systems from 1989 to 2002. After the sale of Big Inch, Lee was the co-founder and President of Quality Connector Systems from 2003 to 2013.  He joins Titan Subsea Solutions as its Vice President of Business Development.