The Titan Experience

Titan Subsea Innovations (TSI) is comprised of a diverse group of individuals with over 150 years of collective experience in subsea pipeline piggable wyes, flanges, mechanical connectors, leak repair clamps, and hot tap fittings dating back to the emergence of the industry in the 1970s. The TSI team is made up of experts in engineering, manufacturing, sales support, quality assurance, and service, all with prior experience in numerous pipeline connector companies. TSI team members have played critical roles in the design, production, testing, and installation of numerous products for projects over the past 50 years in both shallow-water and deep-water applications.

The Company’s seasoned professionals have extensive experience and share that expertise with clients. While TSI manufactures and stocks standard pipeline equipment, the company is exceptionally well suited for custom projects to provide the flexibility and/or coordination required to fully meet the customers’ needs. Our unwavering commitment to providing high quality products with an exceptional level of customer service is instrumental in the success of our clients’ projects. We invite you to experience the professionalism, knowledge, and dedication of the Titan Team.