Leak Repair Clamp

Titan Subsea Innovations Leak Repair Clamps are split sleeve fittings designed to encapsulate a localized pinhole or crack type leak in the pipeline by permanently sealing off the damaged area.

For project specific applications custom clamps can be designed to encapsulate leaking flange pairs or other fittings in the pipeline.


  • Hydraulic cylinders and hinges to assist with opening/closing of the clamp during installation
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Mechanically Energized Circumferential Seals
  • Standard Viton Seals

Titan offers two  permanent Leak Repair Clamp designs. The “Non-Structural” clamp design is a repair fitting used for localized damage such as pinhole leaks or dents.

The second repair clamp design option Titan offers is a “FULL STRUCTURAL“ design that includes internal collet grips to reinforce the structural integrity of the pipeline. Full structural clamps are tested on independent pipe pups to demonstrate capacity to sustain full pressure end load.

Diverless options available. Please contact us for further information.