Piggable Wyes

Titan Subsea Innovations Piggable Wye is a “Y” shaped pipeline fitting designed to facilitate the pigging and cleaning of lateral subsea pipeline systems which tie-in to major transmission lines. The wye is a flow combiner for subsea pipeline tie-ins with two inlets which flow out the single exhaust end of the wye. The finished machined product consists of two piping inlets, each configured at an angle of 15 degrees from the centerline of the fitting for a 30 degree included angle of entry between the two inlets.

Titan offers the Piggable Wye in two designs “Asymmetrical” and “Symmetrical.” Both designs readily accept standard pipeline pigs. Titan offers the wye in a WE x WE x WE configuration. Per client requirements the wye can also be provided with RTJ x RTJ x RTJ configuration by welding flanges to the pipe pups welded to the wye. Titan upon request can provided fabrication services to weld customer provided pipe pups as an additional option.

The design of each Titan Wye is subjected to a full Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to verify the design integrity prior to manufacture. The wye is ASME compliant design.

Below is an example of an FEA performed by Titan on a piggable wye.